Top 10 Baddest Record Shattering Runs of 2016


2016 went down as one of the most memorable seasons in recent memory. Barriers were broken, records were crushed, and elapsed times that no one would have thought possible 12 months ago became reality. We compiled ten of the baddest record shattering runs in the sport this year by date of occurrence. We look forward to the 2017 season, and witness how much deeper and quicker can these small cubic inch powered Imports go.

January 11 – EKanoo Racing’s Pro GT86 Reclaims the World Record


Ekanoo Racing opened the year with a home run, when team driver Gary White piloted the 2JZ-powered ’15 Pro GT86 to a 5.774@247.95 mph run at BDRC 2015-2016 Round 3, regaining the World Record after losing it in the Outlaw 10.5 Supra to Mech-Tech Racing 2JZ-powered ’06 Pro Scion back in December 2015. EKanoo Racing’s new World Record lasted 11 months, when New Generation Motorsports “Zoian” 2JZ-powered ’15 Pro Camry ran 5.757@246.21 mph later on Nov 29. That World Record lasted but 25 days, when once again the team regained the World Record at BDRC 2016-2017 Round 2 when Gary White rocketed the Pro GT86 to a 5.753@249.89 mph.

April 16 – Jeff Bush breaks John Shepherd’s 10 year standing 4 cylinder AWD World Record


Since 2006, the 4 cylinder AWD World Record has belonged to John Shepherd and his now retired infamous 1G Eagle Talon. Jeff Bush has been on a mission since joining the 7 Second Club earlier in the year in his ’93 Eagle Talon, and this year he branded his name into the record books at Import Face Off at Woodburn Dragway when he blasted a 7.641@185.29 mph, putting an end to Shepherd’s 7.710@191.32 mph 10 year long standing record. A month later, Jeff lost the record to Devin Schultz and his “Red Demon” ’96 Talon with a new world record run of 7.460@199.91 mph, but 6 months later at the Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals held at Maryland International Raceway, he regained it back with a jaw dropping 7.389@187.94 mph, closing the year back on top!!!

May 29 – Speed Factory breaks Stephanie Eggum’s 9 year standing Honda FWD World Record


Since joining the FWD 7 Second Club back in 2014 in the ’92 Outlaw Honda Civic, Speed Factory has been trying to break Stephanie Eggum’s 9 year long standing Honda FWD World Record of 7.874@184.32 mph established back in 2007. The team arrived at Woodburn Dragway for Import Face-Off feeling confident, coming from a 7.884@190.92 mph personal best the month before. James Kempf piloted the Outlaw Civic to a record shattering 7.804@190.27 mph becoming the World’s Quickest FWD Honda. James Kempf sealed 2016 at Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals with a pavement peeling new World Record run of 7.615@199.43 mph!!!

June 11 – Quickest side by side Import vs Domestic 1/8 mile run


When EKanoo Racing showed up in the US with their Pro GT86, Gary White wanted to prove that he could drive the car at any track and be as consistent as they are in Bahrain. The team made their way to the PDRA Summer Drags at US 131 Motorsport Park in Michigan, and in Round 2, Gary White lined up against Kevin Rivenbark in the Galot Motorsports blower-powered Chevy Corvette, piloting the Pro GT86 to a 3.893@194.30 mph win against Kevin’s 3.969@189.71 mph. Not only did Gary White put an end to Kevin Rivenbark’s undefeated season, but it was also the quickest 1/8 mile side by side run in Import vs Domestic history!!

September 30 – EKanoo Racing Pro GT86 becomes the first Import to run 200+ mph in the 1/8 mile


EKanoo Racing’s US tour continued at PDRA’s Sunshine State Nationals held at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida. During qualifying, the PDRA graciously granted the team a full 1/4 mile (PDRA is exclusively 1/8 mile racing) run, and Gary White once again made history, piloting the Pro GT86 to a 3.864@202.20 mph in the 1/8 and 5.854@235.47 mph to the 1/4, breaking the 1/8 mile 200 mph barrier and their own 1/4 mile US Import Record. Unfortunately, the event got cancelled due to rain, but who knows what would have unfolded during eliminations?? It was the last US track appearance for the team, due to having to ship the car back to Bahrain for the start of the 2016-2017 Bahrain Drag Racing Circuit season.

November 4 – Quickest side by side Import vs Domestic 1/4 mile run


Damon Chin was on a 5 second quest back in December 2015 in his 2JZ-powered Toyota Celica, when unfortunately, he suffered a crash at Orlando Speed World that ended up sidelining his car for most of the 2016 season. Damon Chin resurfaced just in time for the Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals at Maryland International Raceway. WCF got as real as it possibly could get, as Damon piloted the Celica to a 5.978@236.51 mph vs Kevin Fiscus’ Pro-Line powered Ford Mustang which turned in a solid 6.025@241.67 mph at the Outlaw vs Extreme finals. Unfortunately, Damon lost to the Mustang by a holeshot, but this Import vs Domestic faceoff blasted the quickest 1/4 mile side by side Import vs Domestic run in the history of the rivalry.

November 13 – Kiggly Racing becomes the first FWD Mitsubishi to run 7’s


Kiggly Racing has been one of the few Mitsubishi teams to push the FWD platform. When many said it couldn’t be done, driver Kevin Kwiatkowski had one goal in mind: Break the Mitsubishi FWD 7 second barrier. Earlier this year, at Summit Motorsports Park, Kevin pushed his 4G63-powered ’91 Plymouth Laser to back to back 8.0s. Many racers would agree that breaking a barrier can sometimes be easier said than done, but Kevin was bulldog determined, and in November he laid an impressive 7.942@179.30 mph “Laser” at Milan Dragway, becoming the world first FWD Mitsubishi to run 7’s!!

November 16 – ETS becomes the first GT-R to run 7.0’s


ETS opened the year holding the GT-R title, and every time they rolled their enormous plethora of fast Imports off their trailer, (sometimes ETS/English Racing shows up to events with as many as EIGHT cars!!) team driver Lucas English kept shaving a few tenths off their own personal GT-R  Record, opening March with a crazy 7.492@189.20 mph. EKanoo Racing answered back when driver Mohammed Zainalebedin smashed a crazy 7.207@202.17 mph later that same month. This was a record that stood for eight months until early November, when Gidi Chamdi piloting the Diamond by Wire Racing GT-R flew down the 1320 to a 7.145@212.26 mph run, taking away the record from Ekanoo Racing. ETS found themselves in a tough position, trying climb from third position to number one, but when the team showed up at Las Vegas Motor Speedway they were very determined to close the year back on top. Team driver Lucas English rocketed the GT-R to an astonishing 7.012@209.26 mph, very close to breaking the 6 second barrier, but they were happy with reclaiming the record back.

November 29 – New Generation Resets the Import World Record


New Generation Motorsports debuted their new 2JZ-powered “Zoian” Pro Camry mid season, and it quickly proved to be a World Record heavy contender when they joined the 5 Second Club back on October 29. With Jesus “Chupa” Melendez behind the steering wheel, the new Camry lit the scoreboards with a 5.919@209.65 mph personal record at Orlando Speed World. The team went back to OSW the last week of November to start testing prior to the last event of the US season that weekend, and Jesus blasted the Pro Camry to an earth shattering 5.757@246.21 mph. “Zoian” became the fourth Puerto Rican team in history to claim the Import World Record. Ironically, EKanoo Racing answered back right away a few weeks later and reclaimed the World Record with the powerful GT86.

December 3 – El Humilde becomes the World’s Quickest Modified Import


Fan favorite “El Humilde” (2JZ-powered Toyota Corolla AE-86) is one of the most followed Import cars in the sport. Team driver Jorge “Oso” Juarbe keeps pushing the small wheelbase Modified (3/4 chassis) Corolla’s limits every time they put rubber to the pavement at the drag strip, but no one would have thought the car would see 5 second territory until Jorge Juarbe blasted a 6.124@220.26 mph the previous month at the World Cup Finals. The team arrived at Orlando Speed World for the last event of the season with the mission to run 5’s and once again the team gave the fans a show. Jorge shattered the sport during Friday’s test session and changed the “impossible” to “guarantee”. He piloted the Corolla to a pulse pounding 5.972@240.77 mph, and later during Saturday’s qualifying rounds, he blasted a 5.959@240.25 mph, closing 2016 as the World’s Quickest Modified Import!!

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