The Extreme Imports look to take the crown at the World Cup Finals

by Yariel Rivera


Maryland International Raceway has been the host of the annual World Cup Finals Import vs Domestic race for over 20 years now. This race season has seen the Imports get quicker and quicker. Everyone has their eyes set on those 5-second timeslips, and Maryland International Raceway will be the perfect stage for the cars to really shine on!

New Generation Racing’s Toyota Camry (known as Zoian) has shown that their new racecar is in it for the Import World Record. The first glimpse of greatness came during testing for the World Sport Compact Challenge held recently in Orlando, Florida. The team fired off a 5.96@226 MPH, with one of the only full passes the car had till then. During the event, everyone anxiously waited for the elapsed times to continue tumbling down, but gremlins at the starting line prevented the car from launching at full capacity each and every time. While they prepared and tested for the World Cup Finals, the team managed to stop the clocks at 5.91@209 MPH, with the driver letting off at the top end. Along with Zoian, a few other 2JZ-powered race cars are coming for either the 5 second et’s, or the coveted world record.

In contention for the world record is the Mech-Tech Racing Lab Scion, which has been hot on the heels of Ekanoo Racing, even taking the world record from them for a few months in the now retired Mr. President Scion. Other 2JZ powered cars in the fray for the 5 second zone include: The perennial fan favorite El Humilde Corolla, the refreshed Rosado Racing Rude Bwoy Celica, the always consistent El Jerry FT-1, the Blue Destiny Celica of Team Gabriela Nicole, and the nostalgic Street Glow Solara now owned by the Delirium Motorsports team.

The El Humilde Corolla has already run a personal best of 6.04@236 MPH at Orlando Speed World Dragway, and has repeated it twice during World Cup Finals testing at Maryland International Raceway, making it clear that they will run 5’s really soon.

A step behind, but with the recent emergence of billet parts completely revolutionizing the rotaries, the 20B Mazda rotaries are good contenders to join the elusive/exclusive 5 second Club and take the crown at the World Cup Finals. The surprise of the rotary lineup could well be the Team Yangelis Major League RX8, (now sporting its original vintage colors), the current rotary world record holder. The car showed a lot of promise in Orlando, running the best time for a rotary during the event with a 6.25@226 MPH. Their record of 6.14@229 MPH doesn’t stand a chance if the team manages to tame the 3 rotor triple turbo and get it down the track!

Fresh off their match race win against the Mazda 6 SP of Australia’s PAC Performance, the RX8 is expected to run its best numbers yet. The car ran a personal best of 6.19@230 MPH, before their transition to billet parts began. The notoriously great racing weather at MIR during the World Cup Finals could finally see a rotary run a 5 second pass!

Leading up to this always historic event, many different race teams have been upgrading their racecars and fine tuning all year long. This year has seen the Import cars running times like never before. The emergence of billet components has completely revolutionized the small cubic inch Import engines, and they are charging ahead faster than ever.

All these cars will be present at the World Cup Finals looking to run their best personal numbers (or even greater, run 5’s!) while in the process of taking down their Domestic V-8 powered counterparts. The quest for the 5’s continues !!!

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