Thailand’s Growing Import Drag Racing Culture

By Gabriel Ruiz

Thailand’s drag racing culture is mostly known for their stupid quick 125cc sprint bikes and pro diesel Isuzu trucks, but unbeknownst to fans and racers across the world, Thailand’s drag racing culture is stronger than ever and growing. Although they aren’t setting the world on fire, every year purpose built pro diesel trucks, RWD full tube chassis cars, dragsters, as well as FWD Hondas blast decent elapsed times on their continent. Back in 2014, the quickest Import car in Thailand had a record of 8.1 seconds. Fast forward to today, and Import dragsters, isuzu-powered diesel trucks, and full tube chassis imports are running 7 second time slips all across the board.


Currently team Ya Service Motorsports holds the distinction of being the Quickest Import in Thailand with a 7.342@196 MPH, in their 2UZ Toyota-powered V8 dragster.



Team ECU Shop Thailand holds the quickest Pro Import doorslammer record with a 7.396@194 MPH, in their 2JZ engined Toyota Supra.



Team Job Montri holds the quickest Pro Diesel Truck record with a 7.537@177 MPH, in their 4JJ Isuzu-powered 4cyl Dmax truck.



Team ECU Shop Thailand holds the quickest FWD all motor record with a 9.169@150 MPH, in their Pro 4 N/A K27-powered Honda Civic.



It goes without saying, Thailand is on a plateau of their own when it comes to Import racing. As we recount the top race cars in their respective classes, we prepare ourselves to embark on a trip to Thailand very soon, stay tuned for more info!!!

pics by Xo Autosport & Souped Up Thailand

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