Stenström Racing 4-cyl Hemi Power

By Marcus Möller

Mathias Stenström of Stenström Turbo Racing ran a 6.23 @ 226 MPH in his Ford Escort at Tierp Arena on September 23, 2018, which makes him the 3rd quickest 4-cylinder turbo car in the world. However, the road to success has been long and far from straight. 2018 was Mathias Stenströms 25th anniversary of being in the sport as a competitor.

Mathias previously had been running both a modified Volvo 4-cylinder and a BMW M3 inline 6, but he got tired of focusing on repairing engines instead of tuning the cars. That’s where the idea of building his well-known Hemi 4 banger came from: a Top Fuel block with a damaged left bank and a methanol BAE Hemi head was needed, a custom crank and a custom camshaft to accommodate only 4 cylinders, and a modified oil pan and the long block was pretty much ready. Powered is delivered by a 98mm turbo, engine management is controlled by a FuelTech FT-Spark ignition system and a FT600 ECU.

Mathias and his team are looking forward to 2019, to go even quicker and faster. “We’ve not even started to pushing the engine yet!” Mathias says.

Stenström Turbo Racing would like to thank their sponsors: Svensk Turboservice, JoSpeed, Mats Bilservice, Richard Vinkler Entreprenad, Momento Värmebehandling and Pure Performance Factory.

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