S2King Becomes the 1st Honda S2000 to run 6s !!!

by Gabriel Ruiz

When it comes to S2000’s, ‘S2King’ has been the front runner since its debut. Previously under the management of Red Star Motoring, tuned and driven by Pepo Besosa, the F20C powered S2000 blasted a record shattering 7.972@171.54 mph back in September 8, 2010 at Salinas Speedway, becoming the 1st S2000 to break the 7 second barrier!


A lot has changed since its inception. Since 2015, under the management of Chupa Tech, the team had been tickling the 6 second zone, running consistent low 7’s. Now powered by an F22C power plant, S2King has no problem delivering 1,351 thumping whp through a Precision turbo and controlled by a FuelTech FT600 ECU. S2king still remains an Extreme Stock Chassis car, planted to the ground by 28×10.5W tires, tuned and driven by Jesus Melendez.


The team closed the 2016 season at Orlando Speed World when “Chupa” piloted the S2000 to a new personal best and World Record of 7.111@192.60 mph. Then came the moment the team had been waiting for. On February 4th, they made their way to Orlando Speed World for the OSW Import Series 2017 season opener. Right away during qualifying, Jesus Melendez blasted an astonishing 6.948@186.74 mph, becoming the 1st Honda S2000 to break the 6 second barrier, as well as the 1st 4 cylinder Extreme Stock Chassis to break such barrier!!!

video by GRS-Motorsports

Currently, S2King sits in the 4th position among the World’s Quickest Honda powered cars. While the quicker ones have longer wheelbase and bigger tires, it’s impressive what this short wheelbase 4 banger S2000 has accomplished already!!


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