PPF Racing BMW in the 6s !!!

By Marcus Möller

Keld Jakobsen and the PPF Pro Import team went into the 6-second zone for the first time with their BMW E92 while competing in Competition Eliminator at Tierp Arena in Sweden on the 7th of June 2019 during their qualifying round, and their new personal best was set at 6.95@184 MPH. The next day in the 1st round of eliminations they improved their Personal Best to a 6.93@195 MPH.

Their E92 is a 25.1E chassis was built in Denmark and finished in Sweden. The engine is an OEM BMW S50 (183cu.in) inline 6 block and an OEM crank. Powered by an 88mm turbocharger, its fuel and spark are controlled by a FuelTech FT600 engine management system.

Keld and the team are looking forward to pushing the E92 platform even further, by stepping down into the sixties with some more testing and data collection.

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