Pac Performance USA Tour


While the world looks to Rio as the backdrop of Olympic greatness, the gearheads will look to Orlando in October. A matchup that has been brewing for a good part of two decades will see two rotary powerhouses line ’em up on the 1320 and duel it out. Country vs country, rotor vs rotor, driver vs. driver, Orlando Speed World will be host to, as some are already calling it, the match of the century! PAC Performance is coming to the USA!

The blacktop at OSW will see action like it’s never seen before. The World Sport Compact Challenge on October 14-16 will not only have a range of classes from bracket to Modified Import cars but also will have a class dedicated solely to the fastest of the Import drag world, the Extreme Sport Compacts. In the midst of all this action, the PAC Performance Mazda 6 SP and the Mech Tech Loquito Killer RX8 will run heads-up to see who is the best of the best; yet the action doesn’t stop there!!

Come December, OSW will host the Sport Compact Finals. Here, the racing season for the Modified Sport Compact class and the Sport Front Wheel Drive class will come to an epic conclusion. Not only that, but the winner of the previous match-up between PAC Performance and Loquito Killer will face the world’s quickest and fastest rotary, the Major League Racing RX8. The record holding rotary has been receiving a host of upgrades and a retro livery to be ready to defend its World Record pass of 6.14 @ 229 MPH. During this same event, the Sport Compact Finals in December of 2015, the World Record was set. This year could not only see the record fall but also see the world’s first rotary in the 5-second zone!!

PAC Performance has officially announced their attendance at the World Sport Compact Challenge and the Sport Compact Finals as part of their USA tour. More events will be revealed once they are confirmed. Stay tuned to the Drag Import News website and social media pages for the latest updates.

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