Magnus Motorsports Honda K-Series K24 Billet Engine Block

(Press Release)

Magnus Motorsports has released their Honda K-Series K24 Billet Engine Block. Constructed of 6061 aluminum with a 7075 aluminum girdle, this engine block was designed to withstand horsepower ratings over 1700hp. At 72 lbs, roughly double the weight of a standard block and providing 10 times the strength torsionally. This extra weight at the front of the car makes it the ideal setup for extreme high horsepower FWD and RWD race cars.

Proper processes are crucial in the manufacturing of a billet aluminum engine block. The raw block of aluminum is finished near to size, then heat-treated and retested to verify the T6 condition is maintained. Upon passing inspection the block external surfaces and sleeves are machine finished. The 7075 main caps are installed and align honed. No additional machining is necessary for the clearance of a 106mm crank and our aluminum rods.

All blocks can be constructed with or without a water jacketed application and are entirely machined in-house on our 5-Axis DMG-Mori CNC machine. Completing the process,it features centrifugally spun Ductile Iron Dry Liners are installed along with 4-bolt mains utilizing ARP hardware.

Magnus Motorsports believes that the best never rest, and that goes further than just their work ethic. Whether it’s their in-house production of their products or at the track setting multiple World Records, all products must be produced with the highest quality components available and engineered to maximum performance. Problems are welcomed engineering challenges and Magnus Motorsports look to solve and improve upon them, building whatever the project demands. Established in 1996, this distinction has been what makes Magnus Motorsports different, as they continue to provide solutions for their loyal customers.

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