The GT-R 6 Second Quest

by Yariel Rivera

The mythical status of the Skyline GT-R was put to the test with the introduction of the R35 GT-R. Many questioned if this new GT-R could really live up to its predecessors and earn the name Godzilla with its hefty weight and supposed difficulty to tune. Now, almost 10 years since its introduction, companies like Extreme Turbo Systems, AMS Performance, and Ekanoo Racing are paving the way for a new legend in the making. They have taken the VR38 power plant to over 2000hp and are all dangerously close to dipping into the 6 second territory with their AWD machines.

Ekanoo Racing has thoroughly established itself as a powerhouse of racing machines. They have taken the Import drag racing world by storm, including the GT-R world. In short time they managed to break the world record, and on an almost week-by-week basis continue to break their own record. After 2 years, their GT-R established a World Record of 7.20@200 mph, and just a few weeks ago at BDRC Round 1 the team broke their own World Record once again with a time of 7.16@209 mph, plus backing it up with another 7.16 after losing the World Record to AMS Performance.


AMS Performance has been associated with the new GT-R since very early on. They quickly started delving into the new powertrain and were some of the first to develop upgrades for the car. They sell these upgrades at various levels of power through their “Alpha” kits. In order to showcase their knowhow on all things GT-R, they developed a 1/2 mile, 1/4 mile and roll racing machine with an “Alpha G” package. Complete with a billet block and extensively modified everything-else, the GT-R achieved the World Record in a 1/4 mile running a 7.14@212.26 mph. Just a short few days later, they could no longer claim that title.


The team over at Extreme Turbo Systems, known for their dedication to the AWD platform, wasted no time in developing modifications for the GT-R platform. 2015 and 2016 saw the ETS GT-R claim and reclaim the fastest mph in 1/2 mile racing and battle back and forth with the AMS GT-R for the USA record in 1/4 mile racing. On November 16th, 2016, while testing in Las Vegas, the GT-R stopped the clocks at a jaw dropping 7.01@209 mph!! They reclaimed the World Record and are once again on top; a precarious position to be in…….


As the saying goes, records are made to be broken. The battle of this elite class of GT-R’s reigning at the top won’t stop even as winter approaches here in the United States. While the GT-R’s of the USA will enter into hibernation soon, Ekanoo Racing’s GT-R is just awakening from its slumber. And if the team’s previous assault on World Records is any indication of what’s to come, then Ekanoo could reclaim the top spot in very short order!!

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