Fitzpatrick Racing Joins the 5 Second Club

By Gabriel Ruiz

Import powered dragsters have never really caught on in the import world, but the Fitzpatrick Racing team is no stranger to the sport. Brian Fitzpatrick has been racing his 2JZ powered dragster since 2008. Fitzpatrick purchased the dragster and Ara Arslanian’s Bullish Racing 2JZ engines back then, and started racing in the NHRA/NOPI Extreme Dragster class. When NOPI dropped out from drag racing, Fitzpatrick kept racing the dragster in Competition Eliminator and Top Dragster on the NHRA circuit.


In 2010, Fitzpatrick made his way to the NHRA Winter Nationals and set the Import World Record with a 6.223@226.28 MPH run. At the time, the dragster relied on twin 74mm turbos, producing an estimated 2,000 horsepower. Since then, Import-powered door slammers have led the Import record books, rapidly waking up Brian’s determination to regain the record back.


Recently, the dragster has gone through some changes in its engine program, now relying on a similar combination to the World’s Quickest and Fastest import, EKanoo Racing’s Pro GT-86. A full billet engine (both the block and the cylinder head), and a single 98mm turbo now powers the dragster. With mastermind Shane Tecklenburg in charge of the tuning, the team has been running in the NHRA’s Top Dragster class, with the sole intention of chasing the magic 5.9x number, and regain the world Import record.



Team Fitzpatrick made their way to the NHRA Winter Nationals at Auto Club Raceway on February 10, and Brian piloted the family dragster to a personal best 6.174@226.96 MPH, improving their previously held Import Dragster World Record. However, the team was just getting warmed up, when on April 7 at the NHRA Lucas Oils Divisional Series at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Fitzpatrick gunned the dragster to a 6.036@235.06 MPH during qualifying, to later shatter that with their monumental 5.939@235.43 MPH during eliminations the following day, becoming the world’s first Import-powered dragster to break the 5 second barrier!!!


As shown on his milestone timeslip, Fitzpatrick is beginning to establish himself as a heavy contender for the Import World Record, with their new engine program and tuner Shane T behind the laptop. Stay tuned!!!

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