ETS Racing Breaks Record After Record at Pikes Peak

By Yariel Rivera

The ETS team was not only supporting the GT-R at the event, but also the insanely fast Acura Integra of Myles Kerr, a car that quickly came to viral fame a few years ago while it was at TX2K. Back then it was “only” making around 800 hp. As the world took notice, the car seemingly changed from event to event. What went from being around 800 hp, quickly transformed to 900 hp, then before you could finish saying “VTEC kicked in yo!”, the car was dyno’d to over 1,000 hp. English Racing tuned this car every step of the way and the result was an Integra with a B18 that could stand toe-to-toe with cars way out of its league. It became the ultimate underdog.


Alongside the ETS GT-R, Myles Kerr and the Integra were at the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack event looking to finally crest the 200 MPH mark in the Acura. Throughout the years, as the horsepower and capability of the car increased, so did the need to make sure the car was stable as it accelerated to its top speed. An improved underbody tray was added to help with the aerodynamics along with other small changes to ensure stability in a car that no one dreamed would ever need to reach exotic car speeds. In the days prior, Myles Kerr’s social media was flooded with the hashtag #200mphorbust. They had one goal and that was to become the first Integra to go 200 MPH.


201.07 MPH, the speed board lit up with that astonishing number!! ETS and Myles Kerr have joined a seriously exclusive club to become the only Integra in the world to surpass 200 MPH!!


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Photos courtesy of Epik Productions

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