ETS Racing Breaks Record After Record at Pikes Peak

By Yariel Rivera

The limits of the Nissan R35 GT-R continue to be pushed by teams from all around the world, with excited exotic car fanatics looking to set record after record with the now iconic platform. What started out as a car that Nissan itself did not want anyone modifying; now the GT-R has become a phenomenon in the motorsports world. Specifically in ¼ mile drag racing, the GT-R has now achieved several 6 second runs after years of searching for those numbers. The ETS team’s GT-R was one of those. A few weeks after the 6-second barrier for GT-Rs was broken, the ETS team became only the second GT-R in the world to run a 6 second 1/4 mile pass. With that under their belt, they turned their attention to the ½ mile.


The ETS team showed up at the Pike’s Peak Airstrip Attack to put the car through its paces in a ½ mile event. The last ½ mile event the car participated in was over a year ago, before the team was chasing after the 6 second barrier in the 1/4 mile. At that event, the car ran a top speed of 244 MPH. An important distinction has to be made here: That event was at sea level, unlike the Pike’s Peak Airstrip Attack event which is at a much higher altitude of 5,800 feet above sea level. Over the course of a year the car had some improvements made for chasing down the record ¼ mile pass, however, the elevation balances that out as it robs them of power; as much as 300 of those much needed horses. Anyhow, the team set out to shake down the car and see where they stood after so long.


Their first pass showed promise. Without messing with the car’s setup “too much”, Lucas English (driver of the ETS GT-R) immediately goes out and sets an astonishing top speed run of 246.98 MPH, even with a short shift into 6th gear!! As he pulled the chutes to slow down the car, the right front tire blew. It caused minimal damage and he was able to slow down the car safely and avoided something worse from happening. Determined and knowing the car had more in it, the Lucas and the ETS GT-R went back out for another pass later on that same day. Even with a little bit of pedaling in 3rd gear, English blows the doors off the previous ½ mile Import/European record of 250.27 MH (previously established by Gidi Chamdi in the Drag965 Underground Racing Huracan just last month), with a top speed of 252.38 MPH!! The fastest GT-R previous to that ran a 255.20 MPH speed in a full mile! Not satisfied with that, the ETS team knew a that better launch could allow them a higher top speed so the next day they set out to fine tune the GT-R’s launch.


The first pass after changing the parameters for the launch saw the GT-R run a top speed of 247.25 MPH. The ETS GT-R goes back to the pits to reduce the wheel spin off the line for maximum traction. After a much better launch, the GT-R is off to the 1/2 mile races! Once again fighting the car through 3rd gear, the GT-R runs an astonishing 255.53 MPH; pushing their own record just a few tenths higher. ETS now has a GT-R worthy of 6 second ¼ mile passes, and still keeping the capability of trapping 250+ MPH in a ½ mile. All in a car Nissan itself said was NOT to be modified.


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