Eklund Racing Breaks into the 6s

By Marcus Möller


Eklund Racing became the first Audi doorcar to break the 6 second barrier back on June 30th, with a 6.97 elapsed time in their 2008 Audi A5 Pro Rear Wheel Drive beast at Sundsvall Raceway. Jens Eklund is currently leading the point standings of the Competition Eliminator class in the European Drag Racing Series. They have actually won every one of the four events they have participated in until now, and there’s still two more events in the series yet to come. Eklund Racing’s personal best over the 1/4 mile is 6.947@198.21 MPH which was set at Piteå Dragway in the northern part of Sweden.


The OEM Audi A5 body was transformed into a full racecar by Eklund Racing, chassis is a fully tubular 25.1 SFI cage. The engine is a 2.4 liter 5-cyl AAN engine powered by an 88mm turbocharger and controlled by a Fueltech FT600. Power is transferred to the ground by 33×16-15 tires through a 5-speed clutchless gearbox.


Jens Eklund says that although the 2018 season has been perfect so far, that level of perfection hasn’t come without a case of “The high horsepower hiccups”. The only issue they have from time to time with the car is cracking the blocks, which the team says they’re working hard to get a handle on.



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Photos: Marcus Möller & Eklund Racing

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