EKanoo Racing Regains the Import World Record Title


When you think of the most dominant import team in drag racing, you think of EKanoo Racing, and with good reason. EKanoo Racing became the first import team to break the 5sec barrier (5.972 @ 240.57 MPH) in their 2JZ powered Outlaw 10.5 Supra, back in March 2015. Their unstoppable journey didn’t end there, as they retired the Supra just to come back with a 2JZ powered Pro Mod GT86. Since shattering the world record (owned by Gas Motorsports at the time) for the first time in the Supra back in 2013 the team has been dominating the record books, setting the bar high every time they’re at the race track.


For the better part of 2016, EKanoo Racing’s Pro GT86 held the import world record (5.774 @ 246. MPH), established back in January 11. Since then, the Pro GT86 was tuned in to run consistent 5.8s in order to be competitive in US soil at PDRA, while developing new parts for the 2016-2017 BDRC season. Just as EKanoo Racing lost the world record this past Nov 29 to New Generation Motorsports “Zoian” 2JZ powered Pro Camry (5.757 @ 246.21 MPH), the team wasted little to no time regaining the title back 25 days after when Gary White piloted the Pro GT86 to a new world record run of 5.753 @ 249.89 MPH at BDRC Round 2. EKanoo Racing not only regained the world quickest import title back, but also reset their own speed world record when in a previous run Gary White staggered the Pro GT86 at 253.10 MPH.


Records are meant to be broken, but EKanoo Racing has proven time after time, they are the number one team in the sport. One thing that have made EKanoo Racing so succesfull in their quest to be the best of the best, has been teamwork and dedication. Every one in the team plays a huge role in the team success. Stay tuned to BDRC, as the team battles it out to find the 5.6s zone!

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