EKanoo Racing: Past, Present, and Future…

By Yariel Rivera

The 5.97 record running Toyota Supra began life as an ordinary road-going Supra but was quickly transformed into a ¼ mile machine by the team at Titan Motorsports. They wanted to ensure that it still looked very much like a Supra but had all that it needed to go for the records under its skin. That was back in 2011. October 2014 showed a glimpse of what was to come. The team made a blistering pass of 6.05@240 MPH, claiming the Import record at that time. Not satisfied with being so close to making Import history, the team continued to push the Supra. History would be made on the night of March 5th, 2015, when the Gary White piloted Outlaw Supra stopped the beams at 5.97@240 MPH. It was the run heard around the world! News broke out all over social media at what had just transpired. Not long after, other big news broke out. The record-shattering Supra was to be retired, but a new 2JZ-powered machine was about to rock the Import world.





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