EKanoo Racing & New Generation Teasing the 5.6 Second Zone

By Gabriel Ruiz

Back in 2014, EKanoo Racing as well as New Generation, were both battling it out for who would be the first Import to break the elusive 5 second barrier. Ekanoo Racing laid down a 6.003@240.42 MPH back on October 15, 2014 in their Outlaw 10.5 Supra! New Generation laid down a 6.059@235.76 MPH on November 8, 2014 in their Lexus! At the end, EKanoo Racing became the world’s first 5 second Import, when Gary White piloted the Supra to an astonishing 5.972@240.58 MPH on March 5, 2015. EKanoo Racing then retired the Supra to come out with a Pro Modified Toyota GT-86, in an attempt to run consistent 5’s and compete with the V8-powered Pro Modifieds. Later down the road, Team New Generation retired the Lexus to come out with a new Pro Modified Toyota Camry in an attempt to join the 5 second club.



Right away, EKanoo Racing picked up right where they left off with the Supra, when Gary White blasted an earth shattering 5.774@247.95 MPH on January 11, 2016….an elapsed time that was felt all around the world in just seconds!! On October 12, 2016, New Generation joined the 5 Second Club when Jesus Melendez piloted the Pro Camry to 5.962@229.82 MPH!! Just one month later in November, Jesus Melendez made the impossible….possible, when he froze the Orlando Speed World scoreboard with a 5.757@246.21 MPH, claiming the World Record for the first time ever for the team!!!! Unfortunately the record only lasted a few weeks, when EKanoo Racing and Gary White responded back with a 5.753@249.89 MPH, once again reclaiming the World Record!! In drag racing, we always say the phrase “records are meant to be broken”, and that’s one thing team EKanoo Racing has proven that they can do many times, ever since they first claimed the Import World Record back in 2013.



New Generation’s team owner (as well as driver Jesus Melendez), knew Zoian had more in it to keep the battle going. Although Pro Imports aren’t allowed in the NHRA’s Pro Modified class, a few of the country’s quickest Imports made their way to the NHRA Real Pro Mod Winter Warm-Ups. Among those, team New Generation showed up with the intentions of holding serve and being CHASED in their quest to rewrite history and becoming the World’s Quickest Import. The NHRA graciously allowed Zoian and a few other Imports to gun for it during test n tune runs. Jesus Melendez quickly answered back, running three back to back 5.8’s, making a clear statement that he was serious in reclaiming the record. Then came the moment of glory…..when Chupa dropped a 5.739@249.99 MPH gauntlet down, proclaiming that the World Record belonged to New Generation again!!!

EKanoo Racing responded back very quickly, when 2 days later Gary White beat Zoian’s record by only a .007 margin with an impressive 5.732@252.99 MPH. Not only did the team claim the World Record once again, but also became the first Import in history to be within the “Ten Quickest Turbocharged Doorslammers” in the world!


For the first time in recent years, since EKanoo Racing first claimed the title, the record slugfest lies between them and a rival team. We are witnessing these small cubic inch powered Imports push barriers to elapsed times we never thought possible five years ago, when back in 2012 the record was 6.26@230 MPH owned by Gas Motorsports in their Celica. At the moment, there are nine Imports in the exclusive 5 Second Club, and it’s safe to expect a few others to join the club in the next few years to come. The question now is: Who will be the first Import to run 5.6’s?

Whether it’s on US soil or in Bahrain, both teams deserve respect for pushing the envelope to new heights and stamping Import history into the record books!

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