Curacao Extreme Finals 2016

by Paolo Inocencia


When you hear Curaçao, you’d imagine gorgeous weather, rich history, incredible food and of course drag racing….WAIT WHAT?

Yes, drag racing is deeply embedded in its history dating back to the 70’s….when all that were needed was an asphalt strip and the need for speed. Fast forward 40 years and you’ll find yourself on a world class drag strip and some of the biggest names in the world of drag racing visiting the island just for that….PURE DRAG RACING!!

Through the years, Curaçao International Raceway has had its fair share of drag racing superstar visitors….trust me the list is impressive: Pat Musi, Damon “Rude Bwoy” Chin, Don Omar, Carlos “Pepe Loco” Montaño, Jesus “Chupa Tech” Melendez, Edwin “Loquito Killer” Burgos, Jorge “Oso Tech” Juarbe, also motorcycle drag racing superstars: Cecil Towner III, Ronnie Mitchell, Terence Angela, Rodney Williford and the list keeps on growing every year! There must be something in the air….

The Curaçao Extreme Finals focuses on bracket racing matchups between Imports and Domestics, with of course the match races between Pro Mods and Pro Imports!!

The first ever Curaçao Extreme Finals was held last year and featured a match race between Frank Brandao & Pat Musi’s “King Kong 4” Dodge Avenger Pro Mod and Puerto Rico’s “El Atomo” 2JZ Celica Pro Import, where Puerto Rico won the best-out-of-3 match race with an impressive 6.40 @ 220MPH personal best pass! The track prep was also on point, everything from Pro Imports, Modified Imports, FWDs and Outlaw bikes, all ran their personal bests during this event…another reason to come to Curaçao to enjoy some drag racing.

Last year’s event was a big success for sure, now almost a year later the Curaçao Extreme Foundation is at it again with another MEGA event in the works, which promises to be bigger and better than last year’s. The defending match-race winner will now square off against another Pro Mod, this time it will be the Zapato Grande 3 Nitrous Pro Mod Mustang from Venezuela, capable of 6.20 and even 6.10s….can the mighty 2JZ cause another upset?!

The Curaçao Extreme Finals 2016 promises to be the biggest and baddest drag racing event in the Caribbean yet again, with an impressive lineup of vehicles and teams from all over the region including Aruba, Bonaire, Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Holland and USA! The event payout isn’t at all too shabby either, with more than $25,000 in cash prizes and over 12 classes, there’s something for everyone! The madness begins on November 25th with a local test & tune session followed by a Car & Bike show at the track on November 30th, racing begins on the 1st of December 2016 and totals 3 days of nonstop rubber burning action!!


Curacao Tourist Board and the Curaçao Extreme Foundation invites you to the Curaçao Extreme Finals 2016, 1-2-3 December 2016, for some awesome side-by-side drag racing action, low 6 second Pro Mods and Pro Imports, 6 second Modified Imports and Outlaw Bikes and much more….

So, make your way to Curaçao this December for some nice weather, stunning beaches, breathtaking scenery, incredible food, beautiful people, great nightlife and the best drag racing in the Caribbean! With direct flights available from Colombia, Venezuela, Miami and New York – you can’t afford to miss this experience!!

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