Boosted86 Racing Shatters the Radial Import 6-Second Barrier

By Gabriel Ruiz

The idea of an Import radial tired car running 6 second 1/4 mile times used to be thought of as impossible, but team Boosted86 Racing built the ultimate radial Toyota GT86 with one goal in mind: run 6s with a radial tired Import. The GT86 body went through a rigorous makeover, still maintaining its metal body, stock firewall, stock front strut towers, standard modified rear frame rails, factory wheelbase, and fitted with carbon fiber floorpans. The Extreme Stock Chassis GT86 is powered by a de-stroked 4.0L 1FZ powerplant, pushed by a 98mm turbo making 2,000+ WHP, and planted to the ground by 315/60R15 Mickey Thompson Drag Radial Pro tires.


The team debuted the GT86 back in 2016 and since have been rolling. Back in December 2016, the team made its way to the 660 Drag Radial Series at Willowbank Raceway, where driver Nikki Hepburn piloted the GT86 to multiple 4s in the 1/8 with a best 4.605@157.85 MPH, which is very impressive for an inline-6 Import radial car. Now on to 2017….the team is ready to push the car in the 1/4 mile, and on April 7 at Sydney Dragway, Nikki Hepburn blasted a new personal best of 7.021@206.95 MPH, not only establishing a new radial Import World Record, but also knocking on the door of the elusive 6 second barrier. Determined to write history, the team arrived at the 50th Annual Willowbank Raceway Winter Nationals, and during Saturday’s 3rd round of qualifying, Nikki and the “GT86 That Could” wheeled into the 6s with a 6.988@196.22 MPH pass, becoming the World’s First 6 second radial tired Import!!


“To be a part of a team who had literally made history is a great feeling, but it was an even greater feeling being behind the wheel and going faster to the half-track that I have ever been before” says Nikki.


What is next for the team, we could only imagine. Stay tuned as the team keeps pushing the small wheelbase Extreme Stock Chassis GT86 to extreme lengths!!!

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