Is the Blue Destiny Celica a……….. 5sec Contender ?

A new class of race cars have emerged from around the world to push the import drag racing scene into territory it has never been to. While cars like the StreetGlow sponsored Solara’s or Titan Motorsports Bronze Supra paved the way for these extreme import drag cars of now, only a few could envision the extent in which this class would grow. This class of cars, currently being led by Ekanoo Racing’s GT-86, now heralds a new era of import drag racing in which 5-second run are quickly becoming the benchmark. Cars like Mech-Tech’s Mr. President, the Dodson Motorsport Celica, El Jerry, or the PAC Performance Mazda 6 prove how worldwide the competition has become. But a new car from the US has everyone paying attention to its every move. Blue Destiny has been unleashed and its coming for the 5’s.

Built in Puerto Rico, Blue Destiny is a Celica bodied custom chassis race car powered by a 2JZ making 1600+ horsepower built by Wilbert Performance. The teams goal was to have a consistent low 6-second race car to bring the competition to already established teams. The car has shown great promise right from its first test. In the last few months of 2015, the car was completed and quickly sent out to test. The team gathered at Puerto Rico’s Salinas Speedway and managed a 60’ foot time of .98 of a second. In the time that it takes you to sneeze, this car has already moved 60 feet, think about that. That’s fast, especially for a brand new car on its first day out. Later on that same night the car ran a time of 6.98 @ 158 MPH. Suffice to say, it had the attention of everyone.

With initial testing out of the way, the car was sent over to the US where it would begin its assault on the timing boards. Import Challenge held at Orlando Speedworld on the 15th and 16th of April would prove to be the Celica’s best outing yet. Its first pass of the day and the car ran a 6.48 @ 207 MPH. To prove that it wasn’t a fluke, an hour later, Blue Destiny backed that up with a 6.49 @ 214 MPH. It was one of the quickest qualifying cars of the event. The car went back out for another test pass and managed a 6.72 @ 175 MPH after getting squirrely at the top end. Blue Destiny quickly showed that it wasn’t messing around and that it was there to win.

With qualifying now in session, Blue Destiny lined up once again before the 1320 to blaze down the track. After yet another .98 60’ time, the car blistered down the track to finish at 6.35 @ 218 MPH. A few short months and the car is already setting incredibly fast times. The next day on another test pass the car manages a personal best of 6.28 @ 233.65 with a .99 60’ time. The announcer said it the best, “the car gets better and better with each pass folk.”

What is most impressive is the short time that the team behind Blue Destiny has managed to improve the car. From day one, the car has ran in the 6-seconds, consistency racers dream of.  With blistering 60’ times, clearly the team has something cooking for Blue Destiny. Taking into account the speed of the progression of the car, a 5-second run is just a few months away for Blue Destiny. But with competition heating up, will they be the first US-based team to hit the 5-seconds? Stay tuned to Drag Import News to find out.

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