7 Second AWD Honda?

By Gabriel Ruiz

Since the 90’s, Hondas have dominated the FWD  platform in drag racing. Currently, Speed Factory campaigns the World’s Quickest FWD Honda, with their Outlaw FWD Civic piloted by James Kempf. But there’s a new Civic on the scene that’s quickly turning heads, not only in the Honda world but also in the Mitsubishi world. An AWD Civic!!!

Steven Oliveira turned to CLM Motorsports to build the ultimate AWD Civic back in 2016. Powered by a K20 engine, 72mm turbo, and custom fabricated Honda CR-V AWD system, the Civic promises to be a 7 second contender in the near future!


Steven debuted the Civic at Maryland International Raceway at the World Cup Finals last November in the Super Street class, laying down a 9.646@162.20 MPH. Five months later, Steven quickly found himself in the 8 second zone, when on April 2 at Atco Dragway for Import FaceOff, to the surprise of many, Steven ran an astonishing 8.159@179.21 MPH, becoming the World’s Quickest AWD Honda!! As if 8.15 wasn’t enough, Steven made his way to Honda Day this past weekend and on Sunday April 9, he piloted the Civic to an impressive 8.081@182.01 MPH. It’s only a matter of time before Steven cracks the 7 second zone, and possibly become the World’s Quickest Stock Chassis Civic!

17855021_254612531614244_1294355845643832416_o-1Steven has branded the Civic as a heavy contender in the 4 cylinder AWD world, which is largely dominated by Mitsubishi’s DSMs and EVOs. It goes without saying, this Civic is making a BIG statement in the sport. Are we witnessing the birth of a new Mitsubishi vs Honda rivalry in the future?? Stay tuned and keep on reading for future updates!!!!!!

Photo Credit: Chris Jones / Guu.Photos

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