The 5 Second Import Quest

The Import/Sport Compact community couldn’t imagine five years ago what has transpired these past two drag seasons. Even the Domestic community, who have always labeled the Imports as lesser caliber drag cars, have started taking notice as to what small cubic inch engines in Pro Imports are capable of. Pro Imports in the 5 second zone !!!!

Ebrahim Kanoo, owner of a large collection of Imports and European cars tuned to the max, as well as two Pro Nitrous Pro Mods, turned to Titan Motorsports to build him the ultimate Outlaw 10.5 Import. EKanoo Racing 10.5 Supra is powered by a Titan Motorsports 2JZ engine, driven by Gary White and tuned by Shane T. The team quickly gained notoriety, and on March 29, 2013 at the BDRC season they broke Gas Motorsports Celica world record of 6.265 @ 230 MPH with a 6.237 @ 227 MPH. They closed the season breaking their own world record with a shattering 6.159 @ 230 MPH, and the 5sec barrier now started to be talked about. During the BDRC 2013/2014 season they kept gunning at it and mid season, they set a new world record of 6.147 @ 232 MPH. The 2014/2015 BDRC season put Bahrain and EKanoo Racing in the history books, and on October 15, 2014 Gary White shattered a 6.054 @ 240 MPH teasing the 5sec barrier. Now the eyes of the entire drag community, not only among the import community but also among domestic racers and fans, where on EKanoo Racing and Gary White. Event after event the Supra kept going faster and faster, but the 5sec barrier seemed so close yet so far away.

With only one last event left and one last chance to write history before closing the season, came March 5, Gary White shattered the Supra to a 5.972 @ 240 MPH. As quick as 5.97 seconds the news around the drag sport spread like wildfire all over instagram, facebook and every racing media outlet. 1st Import to break the 5second barrier !!!!

Now that EKanoo Racing printed their name in the record books, a new mission was set. The Outlaw 10.5 Supra was retired with the plans of coming back stronger with a new car capable of racing against the Pro Boost Pro Mods. A Pro Import car was been built at EKanoo Racing headquarters in Bahrain, based in a Pro Mod Camaro body rebadged as a Toyota GT86 Pro Import.

While EKanoo’s GT86 was been built, Mech Tech’s Mr. President 2JZ powered Scion tC joined the 5sec club. The Jerry Bickel Pro Stock Cobalt was modified and rebadged into a Scion tC by DL Race Point, Lazcano Racing built the engine, Jorge “Oso” Juarbe behind the tuning, and driven by Isais Rojas Jr. Mr. President had been gaping low 6s ETs and where taunting the 5sec territory. At the World Street Nationals Orlando Speed World Isais Rojas Jr. took Mr. President to a big 6.011 @ 238 MPH run, but Mech Tech team had one mission in mind and they conquered when they became the 1st America import to break the 5sec barrier blazing a 5.980 @ 241 MPH.

The team’s goal wasn’t just to hold the America record, they wanted the world record and Dec 5, 2015 at the Sport Compact Finals, Mr. President and Isais Rojas Jr. shattered a 5.961 @ 240 MPH. Mr. President became the 3rd import from Puerto Rico to hold the sport compact world record.

As the 2015 USA import season came to an end, Bahrain drag season was just getting started and EKanoo Racing where out testing and tuning their new Pro Import GT86. Like the Outlaw 10.5 Supra, Stock Chassis Supra, and Stock Chassis GT86, the new Pro Import car 2JZ engine was built by Titan Motorsports, tuned by Shane T and clutch adjustments by Eric Luzinski.

The GT86 quickly took over where the Outlaw 10.5 Supra left things, blazing a 6.033 @ 236 MPH in the BDRC 2nd event of the season. EKanoo Racing where on a statement mission, and during testing for the 3rd event of the season Gary White earth shattered the GT86 to a 5.774 @ 247 MPH becoming once again the world quickest import and by a long shot.

Stay tuned to part 2 of this amazing import history which has unfold and has taken the world by surprise, featuring the top contenders who could join the 5sec club very soon.

As EKanoo Racing are gunning for glory right now, we would like to thanks Shane Tecklenburg for taking a little of his time from his very busy schedule and grant us a few words about EKanoo Racing team.

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