World Sport Compact Challenge OSW 2017 Recap

By Yariel Rivera

The SFWD class, a fiercely competitive class, had entrants come from as far as Aruba to challenge for the top spot at the WSCC. Chapulin Performance in his La Violenta V2 was the top dog going in with his consistent 8.2 second passes all year. Qualifying solidified this with La Violenta V2 taking the top spot with (you guessed it) an 8.22@184 mph. El Bobo, coming into the event with some substantial updates, qualified second with an 8.25@186 mph. Also putting to test some new upgrades was Cesar Ol, qualifying 3rd with an 8.38@185 mph. The action began to heat up as Round 2 of eliminations came around. La Violenta V2 grabbed another win while laying down a personal best of 8.19@185 mph, .04 shy of the overall SFWD record at the time! The very next race between the Real Street KKT Racing machine and La Niña came down to just .03 of a second, which was the margin of victory for La Niña. After a bye run for La Violenta V2, it was down to El Bobo and Cesar Ol to see who would go against the quickest SFWD machine on the property. With a quicker reaction time of almost 2 tenths of a second, El Bobo was out ahead. But that difference was quickly being eaten away by Cesar Ol. He wasn’t able to overcome the starting line deficit, crossing the line at 8.366@184 mph to El Bobo’s 8.363@181 mph, with only .003 separating them!


In the SFWD Final (and after a bit of a burn down at the tree), the normally unwavering Chapulin and La Violenta V2 rolled through the beams, handing the automatic win to El Bobo, who still went for a full pull while freezing the boards at 8.43@178 mph.


Within the World Sport Compact Challenge, the large and excited crowd was given a special treat. Some of the fastest 13B Modified class machines in the world were preparing for a match race- to crown the honorary “13B King.” Rafaelito Racing, with the longest and best established 13B pedigree of the cars chasing the crown, was geared up and ready to fend off the challenges sent their way by hungry challengers: Hulk Racing, the Blackout RX8, and the newcomer, Fondon Motorsports. Before the match race was even set up, Fondon Motorsports showed that they were big time players in the 13B game, when they laid the smack down during the 2nd Round of qualifying with their 6.59@209 mph, establishing themselves as the 2nd Quickest 13B-powered machine in the World; .02 shy of the #1 spot held by Rafaelito Racing.

With Hulk Racing suffering race ending breakage during qualifying, another contender, Sporty Motorsport, stepped in to fight for the title. Rafaelito Racing quickly shut that down, winning with a devilish 6.66@205 mph after Sporty Motorsport was DQ’ed at the starting line. Blackout and Fondon Motorsports were next to see who would be going against Rafaelito Racing for the title but, due to an unfortunate tire shake from Fondon Motorsports, Blackout took the easy win. The stage was set for Blackout vs Rafaelito Racing, but that race would never happen. Word came out that the Blackout team was unable to make it to the line for the race, defaulting the win to Rafaelito Racing, and making them the defacto 13B Kings!


The World Sport Compact Challenge soldiered on, even in the midst of the turmoil and devastation many of its competitors were facing. Close racing, new personal records, and upsets galore filled the event, keeping its tradition of being one of the most IMPORTant Import events of the racing season.

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