World Sport Compact Challenge OSW 2017 Recap

By Yariel Rivera

The finals paired the MF Motor Import Scion against King Graduado, two Puerto Rican entrants who were gunning for the top spot on the finish podium. With a personal best of 6.11, King Graduado had the advantage going in. The finals unfortunately had other plans for them when their better reaction time was nullified due to a teeth chattering tire shake that ended King Graduado’s charge. MF Motor Import took the win with a 6.28@213 mph run!


In the Modified class, Lucimar Racing, a relaunch of a RWD Honda Civic built almost 3 years ago, quickly emerged as a standout. Social media was buzzing with the debut testing of the car that impressively saw it running in the low 7-second range even managing to squeeze in a pass of 6.98@203 mph. Just as quickly, that buzz turned into shock as video started to spread, showing the car flipping on its roof while on a test run. The team took to social media to dispel any rumors, confidently declaring that the car would be ready for the WSCC just a few days away.


That same conquering spirit permeated the Modified class entrants who were determined to go quicker and faster than ever. The top 3 qualifiers were split by just 3-tenths of a second. The aforementioned Lucimar Racing rounded out the Top 3 with a 6.76@209 mph, along with Rafaelito Racing and Fondon Motorsports taking the top two spots. The first First Round upset went to Rafaelito Racing, who had to let off the throttle midway through the run, giving the win to the Jah Works Starlet. 2nd Round of eliminations saw another fan favorite, La Nani, go 7.26@195 mph, defeated by just .01 to Ortiz Racing who won with a 7.25@182 mph. Lucimar Racing, undeterred by the roll over just days before the event, kept marching forward, defeating the usually consistent Blackout, with a 6.85@205 mph. The favorites to win the class, (Fondon Motorsports and Lucimar Racing) each had worthy opponents to face heading into the Semi Finals in Oritz Racing and Jah Works; each of whom they defeated with runs of 6.79@197 mph and 6.72@207 mph, respectively.

The Finals paired the heavyweights of the class (Fondon Motorsports and Lucimar Racing), both in their competition debuts, and both making consistent 6.7 to 6.8 runs. The stage was set for an epic racing battle between the two competitors. Fondon Motorsports arrived to the burnout area first, shining under the lights at OSW with the paint on the brand new race car still looking fresh. Lucimar Racing entered just behind, its scarred, unpainted front end looking just as menacing as the fresh face of its competitor. Massive flames shot out from both cars as they waited for the Christmas tree to drop and flash green. Reaction times were separated by just .02 advantage to Lucimar Racing. Both highly tuned racing machines were welded together past the 1/8 mile. Smoke poured out at the top end as the cars crossed the finish line. A tenth of a second was all that separated the two at the end of the 1320′ racing surface, with Fondon Motorsports taking the win, lighting up the boards with a 6.88@200 mph to Lucimar Racing’s 6.98@188 mph.


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