World Sport Compact Challenge OSW 2017 Recap

By Yariel Rivera

Orlando Speed World was host yet again to one of the most anticipated events of the Import racing season, the World Sport Compact Challenge. The catastrophic impact of Hurricane Irma on Puerto Rico casted doubts as to just how challenging the Sport Compact Challenge was going to be this year, as the heavy influence of the Puerto Rican challengers is essential to the event. Even in the midst of the uncertainty, the event continued forward and even foreshadowed events to come. The Puerto Rican racecars that make the ride over every year made it safely, along with mostly all the teams that surround them. Meanwhile, many of the other race teams eagerly awaited the race date to debut and test new setups, or improve their personal bests in an effort to take home the trophy and win the prize money. So, the stage was set for another World Sport Compact Challenge.

The Extreme Import class, always a fan-favorite, brought out an impressive class of established machines and new-comers looking to make their mark. La Criatura got off to an impressive start while debuting the extensive rework of the car, qualifying in the top spot with a 5.89@230 mph, a new personal best. Damon Chin, dealing with the gremlins of his new setup, still managed 2nd spot with a respectable 6.16@231 mph. Rounding out the Top 3 was Lazcano Racing, who was wielding a completely redesigned VG30 powered, single turbo 370Z, with a new personal best of 6.17@227 mph.



The first round of the Extreme Import showcased the front runners of the class. The MF Motor Import Scion, King Graduado Solara, Blue Destiny, La Criatura, Little Jowin, El Licensiado, and Lazcano Racing all moved on with little competition due to no shows or tire shake off the starting line. 2nd Round of competition saw an upset when La Criatura, facing Little Jowin, rolled through the beams on the starting line, handing the automatic round win to Little Jowin. The very next pair, as if on repeat, saw Blue Destiny roll right through the beams, giving a free pass to the MF Motor Import Scion, which still crossed the finish line with a stout 6.32@229 mph. On the next episode of “Starting Line Nightmares”, Lazcano Racing couldn’t quite get OFF the line, handing the easy win to King Graduado. El Licensiado was the recipient of a bye run. The semi-finals paired Little Jowin and the MF Scion, both very competitive machines hovering around the 6.2 to 6.3 zone. After fantastic launches from both, Little Jowin was ahead by the 330-foot mark. The top end charge of the MF Scion is just that much better, stopping the beams at a new personal best of 6.23@230 mph to Little Jowin’s 6.48@199 mph!! El Licensiado was no match for King Graduado, who bested El Licensiado with a personal best of 6.11@229 mph!!


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