Spring Nationals at Orlando Speed World

By Yariel Rivera

The import drag world quickly heated up for the 2nd annual Spring Nationals April 1-2, 2017 at Orlando Speed World Dragway . With temperatures averaging in the 90’s the whole weekend, the hot Florida sun was threatening to dampen the racers efforts at the House of Records. Instead, the racers intensity closely paralleled that of the heat. The Spring Nationals provided a glimpse into what this year holds for import racing; more consistent cars in the 6’s, more power, more billet, and more records that are bound to fall.

In the Modified class, the dominating force of the wekeend was none other than Abel Burgos and the Blackout RX8. Proving cosistency is the name of the game, they started their weekend off qualifying second with a 6.86@204 MPH. Round after Round the fast times continued, first a 6.96@202 MPH, second a 6.89@202 MPH, then a 6.93@202 MPH. Facing the toughest competition from the Chucky is Back RX7, which managed a personal best ET of 6.77@211 MPH establishing a New MPH World Record for a 13B-powered car. As the heat of the day dropped, the two fastest modified cars of the event met at the line. Blackout walked away with the win with a 6.84@204 MPH vs Chucky is Back 7.02@203 MPH.

In the SFWD class, the spurring on competition was the match race between KKT Racing and Chapulin Performance. Each camp poised to race each other’s best SFWD machines from their stable, best 2 out of 3 races during qualifying day. KKT proved quicker in the 1st round with a 8.41@187 MPH, but Chapulin fast light reaction gave him the win in the 2nd round with a 8.39@180 MPH to KKT 8.37@187 MPH. With tension at its highest between the two teams, tied at one a piece, it all came down to the 3rd and final round of the match. Chapulin’s once again cut the best light reaction, and proved victorious with a 8.35@180 MPH to KKT 8.34@186 MPH. Not only did Chapulin won the match race, but also took the win in the Extreme-FWD class.

The Street Rod class is a new one for the OSW import racers this year. In its second iteration, this thoroughbred class is based purely on small tire cars, some extreme stock chassis and some backhalved. Although only a few vehicles in this class made it out this weekend, it is one to watch for the fans of small tire fans. The bar was definetely set by Kings Performance in the Alkhan Racing “Game Changer” Honda S2000. The F20-powered S2000 proved to be the dominating car of the class, with its best run of the weekend being a 7.50@188 MPH, coming out on top for the second time this year.

As import racing begins in earnest all acros the country, the Spring Nationals were a little warm up for what’s to come. If this race weekend is an indication of what the season holds, we should be in store for some shakeups all throughout the record lists. This year’s competition will be closer than ever.

Photo Credit: Gabriel Ruiz

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