EKanoo Racing GT86 USA Debut @ PDRA US 131 Motorsport Park

After a successful test session at Orlando Speed World Dragway, EKanoo Racing made their way to the PDRA Summer Drags at Martin, Michigan US 131 Motorsports Park to compete against the V8 Domestics in the Pro Boost Class. Although EKanoo Racing has previously competed in PDRA with their Pro Nitrous Camaro, this was their first time competing in an 1/8 mile event with the Pro GT86.

Make no mistakes, they came with the mission to prove that even as the underdogs, they could go rounds against the baddest of the baddest in the class. Right away during Thursday testing, the team made it clear that the small cubic inch powered Pro Import could very well run competitively in the class by running (Thursday’s ET times).

After a successful day of testing, the team now had to prove that not only could they qualify, but they could be a force to be reckoned with during eliminations. Driver Gary White is no stranger to the adversity, and he’s happy to be back behind the wheel going toe to toe against V8s. This was reminiscent of the old ADRL days, where he took the Titan Motorsports 10.5 Scion tC to numerous wins while breaking a few records along the way.

Right out of the gate Gary White drove the GT86 to a 3.919 @ 195.14 MPH in Round 1 of qualifying, backing it up with a 3.923 @ 188.13 MPH in Round 3, qualifying #8. After Friday qualifying runs were over, PDRA permitted the team to do an exhibition 1/4 mile run. Gary White froze the board with a 5.891 @ 241.81 MPH and just like that (in what is their 2nd ever 1/4 mile run on USA soil!), Ekanoo Racing once again establishes a New American Record!

Gary White stepped up against Paolo Giust and his ’15 Corvette in Round 1. Giust had the holeshot, but Gary White ate the Corvette up on the top end, winning with a 3.965 @ 192.06 MPH vs Giust’s 4.004 @ 186.95 MPH.


In Round 2, Gary faced Kevin Rivenbark and his ’15 Corvette, which was undefeated in Pro Boost so far in the 2016 season. It proved to be a tough round for EKanoo Racing, but when it came down to it, Gary White came out victorious with a 3.893 @ 194.30 MPH win vs Kevin Rivenbark’s 3.969 @ 189.71 MPH run. For Gary White it was just another round, but for the team it was a huge win that ended up making a lot of noise, not only at the track among spectators and racers, but also all over social media. Ekanoo’s GT86 had just sent the undefeated Big Block screw blown Corvette back to the trailer!


After a lot of emotions in the pits after the last huge Round 2 win, it was time for the Semifinals. Gary White took the automatic win when Jeremy Ray (in his ’63 Corvette) made the mistake of red lighting. Regardless Gary White still gave it his all and ran a 3.913 @ 193.13 MPH. EKanoo Racing’s Pro GT86 is going to the finals!


Unfortunately the car had mechanical issues right before staging and couldn’t make it to the line, finishing runner up. It was heartbreaking coming this far and not being able to give it a run at the finals, but EKanoo Racing proved that the small cubic inch Pro Import can race against the best of the best in its class. This isn’t the end, as EKanoo Racing has got way more fight left in them, so until next time stay tuned to see where EKanoo Racing will be at next on their USA tour!

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