Drag Racing 101: Quick vs Fast

June 10, 2017

The difference between quick and fast is not easy to grasp. Therefore, you see quick and fast as two words that are often confused in their usage. Strictly speaking, there are some differences between quick […]

Safety 101: Roll Bar/Cage

May 25, 2017

Safety equipment isn’t just your race suit, helmet, and harness. It also includes your vehicle roll bar/cage… Sure, the usual stuff you think of when you talk about racing safety is important-critical even. We’re talking […]

Safety 101: Gear

October 26, 2016

Safety gear is the one group of items that you hope you’ll never get a chance to find out how well they work. Unfortunately, many people buy it like they purchase car insurance. That is […]

Engine 101: Adjustable Cam Gear

July 9, 2016

Have you ever wondered what a vernier adjustable cam sprocket is? Or why you might need one? Or two for that matter? The timing of the intake and exhaust valve opening and closing events can […]

Engine 101: Individual Cylinder EGT Sensors

June 9, 2016

One of the most common methods of trimming the fuel delivery on each cylinder is to use individual cylinder EGT (exhaust gas temperature) sensors. These sensors are K-type thermocouples that are placed in the exhaust […]

Engine Building 101: Bore Gauge

May 9, 2016

Building an engine that produces great power starts with proper block preparation. One of the most critical aspects is the finish of the cylinder bores – To maintain ring seal its important that the bores […]

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